Matthew Gibson

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Quito, Ecuador

My name is Matt Gibson. I am a Ph.D. candidate and computational biologist at Indiana University Bloomington studying evolution, ecology, and informatics. I am a member of Leonie Moyle’s lab, which you can read more about here.

You can find me on Github or email me at gibsomat at

My research is focused on understanding the genetic mechanisms of adaptation, especially to abiotic climatic variation, using population genetics and computing. I currently study this in wild relatives of domesticated tomato (Solanum sect. lycopersicon).

I’m also interested in invasion genetics and the genomic consequences of hybridization between invasive and endemic plant taxa. I study this on the Galápagos Islands in collaboration with researchers at the Unveristy of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador.

Recent news:

  • Matt receives the USDA NIFA pre-doc fellowship! [Jun 2021]
  • Check out our preprint on invasion genetics and phenotypic convergence in Galapagos tomato! [May 2021]
  • New paper on reproductive protein evolution published in Frontiers in Plant Science [Apr 2021]
  • Our paper on landscape genomics in wild tomato published in Molecular Ecology [May 2020]
  • Photo featured on the cover of the April issue of Evolutionary Ecology [Aug 2019]